3.6.07 - Programming Television Sales Commercial...

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Programming Television Sales - Commercial advertisements o What finances the commercial broadcast system o Starting to finance cable ((TERMS TO KNOW!)) (get a clearer explanation in book or during test study session) - Spot adjacencies o Next to special time slot or station ID EX. Primetime o when people run ads - Syndicated programs o Not offered by the network; offered by entity other than the network EX. Harpo Productions offers Oprah o First run Produced specifically for syndicated market EX. Oprah, Jeopardy, ET, Wheel of Fortune Run during “access time” Considered first run because they are ORIGINAL o Off-network EX. Friends Run on net first, never shown on TV before Get confused with re-runs, but that is inappropriate term Re-runs happen in the same season as the show originally aired o Running the “last week” episode of I Love NY right before the new episode o Sometimes “off network” shows are syndicated with new episodes also being aired EX. 24 ((END of TERMS TO KNOW)) - Financing of syndicated shows o Barter Involves commercial time slots Depending on what kind of show you’re trying sell, you can offer to give commercial time slots for them to run your show *Religious programming often has to do this
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o Cash Outright purchase of program Usually happens NOW with religious programming Sometimes networks have to fulfill the religious program quota from FCC o Barter + Cash Pay for the program and barter for the kind or number of
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3.6.07 - Programming Television Sales Commercial...

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