Benjamin's Test Review - "Consultancies" - A way that some...

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“Consultancies” - A way that some (usually music companies) are trying to manipulate the system in terms of getting music on the air; “you need to hire us, or we’ll hire you as a consultant if you do this—or if you hire us, we’ll provide this star’s music to you.” - A way of getting around some of the payola rules Co-op advertising - Local in addition to the national ads; EX. Scott Exterminator Nationwide commercial, at the end of commercial, they mention the local Scott business - Joint efforts and within a trade-off (in trading time or pages in a newspaper) Homes Passed concept - refers to the numbers that the cable system goes by, that COULD hook up if they wanted to - people who could get cable if they wanted to, they have to ability to have cable o “homes” are the total population MSO ownership or program (3.20) - MSO = Multiple system operator Bridging - programming technique; when you go 5 minutes past the half hour segment; to keep you from leaving the station and going to another program
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/20/2008 for the course TELE 3010 taught by Professor L.benjamin during the Spring '07 term at University of Georgia Athens.

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Benjamin's Test Review - "Consultancies" - A way that some...

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