The TA's Test Review - TJ's Top 20 Things to Know (Majority...

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TJ’s Top 20 Things to Know (Majority of test is straight from notes) 1. The most important “daypart” for radio 2. Voice tracking 3. Telecomm Act of 1996 4. Different aspects of Media Buying plans 5. Job descriptions for radio stations employees (station manager, sales manager, etc.) 6. Differences between USENET, ARPANET, ETHERNET 7. Upfront advertising buys 8. Objectives of internet organizations (internet society, internet engineering task force IOPS) 9. World Wide Web consortium 10. What is a “format” 11. Definition of gross impressions 12. Primetime Access Rule (PTAR) 13. Parsimony principle 14. When did online newspapers began 15. Differences between SYDICATRED programs, re-runs, “first run” 16. Diffs between broadcast radio, broadcast TV, and cable TV programming strategies (clustering by genre, “pushing the envelope” 17. Job descriptions of TV newsroom employees (news director, producer, etc.) 18. What is “net neutrality” 19. How to calculate CPMs cost of spot ÷ (total audience/1000) TEST QUESTIONS : 1. What is the CPM for this station: Cost of spot= $400, Total audience= 4000 a. $10 2. Syndication program sources include:
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/20/2008 for the course TELE 3010 taught by Professor L.benjamin during the Spring '07 term at University of Georgia Athens.

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The TA's Test Review - TJ's Top 20 Things to Know (Majority...

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