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1.9.07 - o wireless experiements began in 1800s o...

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History of Broadcast Media: Radio and Television 1. What lead to “mass” communication and broadcasting? - early communication o problems with distance and speed of travel o fire beacons and semaphore devices (GOOGLE) - rise of mass society in 1800s o literacy increases→ public education magazines flourish and other forms of written communication o high culture vs. low culture develops ex. Opera vs. popular culture o industrial revolution and growth of cities more leisure time sports evolving magazines and newpapers - Electric communication devices develop o Allows for quicker communication o Point to Point communication : communication from point A to point B (only 2 points) Ex. Telegraph Ex. Phone Ship to ship o Point to Multi-point communication = broadcasting Ex. ship to shore communication In-code wireless Telegraphy Ex. dots and dashes
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Unformatted text preview: o wireless experiements began in 1800s o electromagnetic waves aka: “ether” waves are capable of carrying information 2. Early Inventors and Theorist-James Clerk Maxwell theories o Theorized that electromagnetic waves exist-Heinrich Hertz o Applied Maxwell’s theories -Marconi’s wireless experiments -Reginald Fessenden’s 1906 “broadcasts”-Lee deForest’s audion tube o Often took credit for other inventors’ work-Edwin Armstrong o 3 major inventions [will be on exam] Superheterodyne (GOOGLE) Regenerative circuits FM radio (1930s)-David Sarnoff o Creator of NBC (National Broadcast Company) NBC broadcasted in 54 stations in 24 states ((Also, we have been watching “Empire of the Air”—there is a worksheet that accompanies the movie))...
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  • Spring '07
  • L.Benjamin
  • electromagnetic waves, National Broadcast Company, Electric communication devices, public education magazines, Clerk Maxwell theories

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1.9.07 - o wireless experiements began in 1800s o...

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