4.5.07 - Political Broadcast Regulation Three general areas...

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Political Broadcast Regulation - Three general areas of law o Fairness Doctrine Deals with ISSUES, not people Now out of use, but has been reintroduced several times since 1987 (when done away with); may try a comeback this year Covered controversial, issues of public importance and states all issues having significant measure of support had to be covered Have and affirmative obligation to cover………. . ((FINISH)) They had to make sure that all sides of issue, having significant support, were covered Broadcasters hated it because they we told what to cover, not enough freedom to cover what they want o Section 315 of Communications Act of 1934 ((EXPLAIN!!)) Deals with specific people “Equal opportunity” not “equal time” ((EXPLAIN MORE)) Who is covered? All legally qualified candidates o Public announcement o Meets qualifications for office Similar to presidential qualifications or any other government offices When is Section 315 triggered (when can my opponents ask for time)? Candidate is identifiable Candidate has approved spot’s airing What does candidate get? Equal time (duh) Equally desirable time o Can’t get a time at 1am… that sucks Same commercial terms o If one candidate gets time for free, they all do Can get spot and/or program time o You have to take same KIND of time; you cant do program and your opponent ask for commercial time
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o Exemptions to Section 315
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4.5.07 - Political Broadcast Regulation Three general areas...

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