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Karlyn Harris Essay 1 January 2007 Rough Draft English 1102M 2:30 MWF “Are There Any Modern-day Josephs?” True integrity is a hard characteristic to come by. These days, everyone is out for themselves; to go to the best schools, to have the biggest house, and to make the most money. One might be able to characterize our American society as being a society of opportunists. Opportunism is defined as “the art, policy, or practice of taking advantage of opportunities or circumstances often with little regard for principles or consequences” ( An opportunist is not a selfless person or someone that is willing to sacrifice in order to benefit another; integrity is the total opposite of opportunism. The Book of Genesis 37- 47 of the Holy Bible tells the story of Israel’s son, Joseph. It illustrates how Joseph was the perfect representation of a person of integrity. He did not try to manipulate the system. He was not trying to get in Potiphar’s wife’s pants and dishonor himself. Instead, he stayed obedient to God and triumphed in the darkest of times. The story of Joseph begins in Cannan. Joseph was Israel’s favorite son. God gave Joseph the gift of interpreting dreams and Joseph’s father gave Joseph a beautiful multicolored coat. Then Joseph had a dream. In the dream, Joseph’s father and brothers were bowing down to him; Joseph went and told him family. Naturally, as most sibling disputes turn out, Joseph’s brother became very jealous of him. The brothers made a plan to kill him, but instead one of the brothers, Reuben, suggested that they throw him in the well and he had planned to rescue Joseph
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later. When Reuben was away, the brothers got Joseph from the well and sold him into slavery. Afterwards, they took Joseph’s coat, doused it in goat blood and showed it to Israel to make it
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Essay 1 - Karlyn Harris January 2007 English 1102M 2:30 MWF...

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