Essay 3 - Who am I and what do I want I am woman Hear me...

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Who am I and what do I want? I am woman. Hear me roar. I want a new car. No, I would first like to have a license, and then I’ll go for the car. I guess that would be the easiest and most appropriate answer to give to the question “who are you?” Or how about an “I'm black and I'm proud and I want to see some diversity?” What ever the answer I choose, it is going to take more than a catchy phrase to respond to such a seemingly simple; yet, complicated question. To start, I am a pretty complex person. I suppose that “the first step is admitting” but it's a fact. Everything that I am deserves an explanation; my heritage, my religious beliefs, where I'm from, my hair — yes, my hair. Maybe I am a Rubix cube. The “gifted” people can figure me out, while the others jiggle me around and put me back on the table to think of a strategy, or just throw me in the closet for a rainy day. I know the word “rainy” sounds dismal, but it’s appropriate. What if, instead of giving my audience a straight answer, I just told said “I don't know.” I don't know who I am. I am sure of myself, I know my ambitions, I know that I am Catholic, and I know that I am black. Unfortunately, if I proceed to dissect and analyze my “life story,” my self description will become more in-depth and not as straightforward. As a child I had many ambitions; matter of fact, they changed daily. The indecisiveness that I once experienced in trying to discover my niche would later become a reflection of all other aspects of my personal growth and my personality. My current (and longest running) ambition is to become a television screenwriter.
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Essay 3 - Who am I and what do I want I am woman Hear me...

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