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2.13.07 - Exam Review TJ Feb 13 5-6 pm SLC 102 Dr Ben Feb...

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Exam Review : TJ - Feb. 13, 5-6 pm SLC 102 Dr. Ben - Feb. 14, 5-6 SLC 102 Satellites - Telstar I / Early Bird o 1962 / 1965 o Orbited around globe For a few hours a day, you can get TV signals from Europe - Geosynchronous Satellites o Seem to be in a fixed orbit or “parked” over one spot o Speed is same speed that earth rotates o You can use them 24/7 to make phone calls and pick up TV signals - Main competitors to cable o SMATV S atellite M aster A ntenna T elev ision Think of it as a localized cable signal Offered sometimes in hotels, hospitals, and apts. o “we offer our ‘own’ cable” The way you can tell: o If you turn to the weather channel and they don’t give you the local weather Affected by inclement weather o DBS (Direct Broadcast Signal) EX: Direct TV Uses TVRO technology “T elev ision R eceive O nly” dish Allows you to pull in the satellite signals but you can’t send anything back Much like a TV antenna but it’s a satellite.
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  • L.Benjamin
  • Satellite television, satellite signals, TV signals Main, SMATV Satellite Master, narrow Satellite signals, Europe Geosynchronous Satellites

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