TD 301 Feb6 - 2-6-08 Sex Gender Sexual Orientation Sex:...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-6-08 Sex Gender Sexual Orientation Sex: Biology Female, Male, etc. Gender: Socially constructed performance (behavior), appears "natural" Judith Butler calls it "a stylized repetition of acts." "Masculinity." "Femininity" on a continuum- You are not masculine or feminine, may depend on a day. One day you might be slightly more feminine then another. As lived out in everyday life, not simply a choice. Sexual orientation: Desire/Practice Homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, etc., on a continuum- doesn't depend on biology. Unpacking "Gestic Feminist Criticism" Elin Diamond, feminist performance theorist What is she arguing? Make a female object strange How does she suggest Brecht's alienation effect is useful for feminists? Wants to make gender fixed, and inevitable Denaturalizing dominant ideologies that make gender appear fixed, natural, inevitable A-effect can reveal how certain give association with "woman" are arbitrary Semiotics: study of how signs make meaning Our working Definition of feminist theatre Theatre that focuses attention on issues of gender (and/or sex) Connects with at least one of the following 1. Women should have equal rights with men (job access, equal pay, physical safety, etc) 2. Gender conventions and patriarchy oppress women (and men) 3. Importance of reclaiming women's history and achievements 4. Women's lives and experiences should be valued How I learned to Drive In what ways is How I Learned to drive a feminist play Men only interested in sex- portrayed like dogs Progress with women in generation In what ways is it a Brechtian play? Alienated us by their name. Alienates us be the character changing their names and age. What does the play argue? Or what is it "up to"? ...
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TD 301 Feb6 - 2-6-08 Sex Gender Sexual Orientation Sex:...

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