TD 301 Jan16 - Sending the message of the play to the...

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1-16-08 What things to remember when looking at terms Historically specific Not value neutral Often decided by those in power (which is why those struggling against power often make up new terms or new definitions) TERMS! Theatre o A greek root: “theatron” o Root means “seeing place” o Eric Bentley: Theatre = A performs B for C A= actors B= play C=Audience o Oscar Brockett:Theatre = A performs B for C in X X = location o To complicate matters, Augusto Boal, Brazilian theorist/theatremaker says: “We are all theatre” What is performed: PLAYS o Script: written blueprint for a performance, text from which actors memorize lines. o Dialogue: conversation between 2 or more people; characteristic of plays o Drama: script study; it has a more literary emphasis than the term theatre o Not all plays and/or performances have scripts The performance of theatre o A process of translation
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Unformatted text preview: Sending the message of the play to the audience o a live event o collaborative effort almost every setting, there is always collaboration o multiple meanings- open ended o the word theatre signals both the performance or (often) the place where it happens • Audiences o The interpreters- meaning makers, just like the playmakers are o Critical element- providing feedback; talk backs, like asking questions or give what they thought about the show o Investor; we give our capital to the actors o Active participants- liveness o Community, support, sustenance for performers; they are the witnesses ← ← Starting to think about some purposed for theatre? • To teach and to please? o Horace (philosopher), and others o To effect social change? o To critique? o ??? Lots of others… o a recurring debate throughout theatre histories...
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TD 301 Jan16 - Sending the message of the play to the...

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