Annotated Bibliography Env edu interp PRT 451 NCSU

Annotated Bibliography Env edu interp PRT 451 NCSU -...

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Annotated bibliography, Environmental education / Interpretation, PRT 451, NCSU Carr, A. (2004). Mountain places, cultural spaces: the interpretation of culturally significant landscapes. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 12 (5), 432-459. This article covers the interpretation of landscapes in New Zealand. It shows how people are linked to the environment. It explains how this interpretation adds to the joy of the experience for visitors, and development of positive attitudes. This article is very comprehensive and covers research findings. It is probably the most resourceful of these seven articles for interpretation. The table covering satisfaction with different themes is very interesting. Kalikoski, D. C. (2001). Environmental analysis of the Lower Camaqua River Watershed (Brazil) -- a study of planning and environmental education. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 3 (2), 273-297. This article studies environmental education planning in Brazil. This article focuses on the relevance of landscapes and spatial dynamics. It covers the study of a watershed in Brazil and covers the need of community involvement to protect natural resources. The steps for carrying out the study are listed and described. Figure 2 is a very interesting pyramid model of environmental analysis knowledge. Figure 11 is a good compliment to
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Annotated Bibliography Env edu interp PRT 451 NCSU -...

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