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Scoping Out a Script Nick Barwig Before you read the play: What is the title? Does it give you an indication of what the play is about? o Title: Death of a Salesman; It tell me that a salesman is probably going to die some way or another. Who is the playwright? Do you know any of his/her other works? Some playwrights have official websites and you might want to check them out. o Playwright: Arthur Miller; I don't know of any of his other works. Where and when was the play first produced? Do you recognize any of the actors listed in the first production? Do some actors play more than one role? o It was produced at the Morosco Theatre in New York on February 10, 1949. I don't recognize any of the actors. All actors only play one roll. Check out the dramatis personae (cast of characters). Do the characters have names or are they representational (i.e. The Man, The Woman, The Waiter)? What does it mean if the characters are named or nameless?
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