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1 Chapter 3 Matter and Energy Ch. 3 Vocab to Know! boiling boiling point (bp) calorie (cal) change of state chemical change chemical properties compound condensation cooling curve deposition element energy energy value evaporation freezing freezing point (fp) gas heat heat of fusion heat of vaporization heating curve joule (J) kinetic energy liquid matter melting melting point (mp) mixture physical change physical properties potential energy pure substance solid specific heat (SH) states of matter sublimation 3.1 Classification of Matter Learning Goal Classify examples of matter as pure substances or mixtures. Matter is the material that makes up all things is anything that has ___________ and occupies ________________ Matter is classified according to its composition: Pure substances have a fixed or definite ______________________________. Mixtures contain two or more different substances that are physically mixed but not _______________ combined Pure Substances: Elements and Compounds A pure substance is classified as a type of matter with a ________________ or definite composition an element that is composed of one type of ____________ a compound that is composed of ______________ elements always combined in the same proportion Chapter 3 Preview 3.1 Classification of Matter 3.2 States and Properties of Matter 3.3 Temperature 3.4 Energy 3.5 Energy and Nutrition 3.6 Specific Heat 3.7 Changes of State
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