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Topdog script analysis

Topdog script analysis - DRAM 2000 Breakout Session Spring...

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DRAM 2000 Breakout Session Spring 2008 Jae Kyoung Kim Script Analysis Name: _______________________ Play Title: ______________________________ Playwright: __________________ Date of 1 st Perf: _______________________ Cast: M_____ W_____ Children _____ Other casting concerns: _______________ The story (in 2 sentences max) : Two brothers, Lincoln and Booth, live together and Lincoln shows Booth how to play 3-card monte. Booth becomes very violent after Grace stands him up and Lincoln hustles him in a game of 3-card monte, which leads to Booth murdering Grace and Lincoln. The most important theme : Race and Africa-American poverty are highlighted in this play because Booth and Lincoln are very poor, after being abandoned by their parents, and they are desperate for money and a chance to succeed. Major conflict and resolution : Lincoln and Booth are constantly at each other’s throats, arguing about different things. They are so desperate to make money that they will hustle and steal from
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