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DRAM_1.14 - o EX Shakespeare(writer o EX Crash(movie o May...

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DRAM 2000 1/14/08 - *Plot structures o Climactic (aka linear or causal) o Episodic - Climactic Plot o Finely tuned; tightly wound o Only what you need (one plot, no subplots) o Cause and effect (structure) Think of like dominoes (one leads to other) o Late point of attack Action compressed; quickly Dramatic and tension o High dramatic tension o No subplots o Small # of characters KNOW THE DRAWING OF CLIMACTIC PLOT (looks like mountain) - climax- highest dramatic moment o emotional high point o might be where someone fights and dies o might experience Catharsis - denouement – French for “untying” o falling action, resolution o Oedipus gouging out eyes (example) and leaves o Comedy- people paired out and happily ever after o How people go on and leave - Episodic plot o No cause and effect; scenes connected thematically o Can have early point of attack Can cover countries, cities, decades, centuries o Many subplots and many characters Lots of stories o Dramatic tension More mild, not catharsis Not as emotional May think about it days later
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Unformatted text preview: o EX: Shakespeare (writer) o EX: Crash (movie) o May be chronological but in episodes-Dramatic conflict o Individual vs. Self Person fighting within self for moral dilemma Fighting with addictions or mental illness (will power) o Individual vs. Individual Competing (every reality show today) One trying to get the other to not complete goal Real life: elections o Individual vs. society Flaw that needs to be corrected o Individual vs. Universe Fate (Oedipus) Fighting with the ways of nature Gods (fighting against) Crisis of faith, natural disaster o A Good play may have more than one conflict-Protagonist and Antagonist o Protagonist Main character (one you are following) Doesn’t have to be good or noble o Antagonist Force or person trying to prevent protagonist from achieving goal Can be person, force, storm, etc. o No guarantee protagonist will win....
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