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DRAM 2000 LECTURE 1/28/08 - Acting Theory o Horace- actor needs to live life of character for audience to experience it o Denis Diderot – The Paradox of Acting People must be artificial to appear natural & true - Laurette Taylor (Amanda in the Glass Menagerie) o Actress on Broadway o So natural it almost seemed not acting - Theater conventions o Samuel Coleridge : “willing suspension of disbelief” Audiences willingness to play along o Theater conventions The way they do things that we know is not real but we accept it Furniture put all one way, soliloquy, men playing women’s roles, masks Believability vs. natural and truthful - What does it take to be an actor? o Instrument Actor’s voice and body has to be trained!!!
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Unformatted text preview: Vocal training, projection, breath control, strength, control, range, dialect work Body: flexible, control, strong as possible • Movement, ballet, martial arts, stage movement, dance training, combat training Imagination/ creativity • Curiosity (for creativity) • Actors often play characters that are not themselves Right Brain/ Left Brain • Actor’s “split consciousness” • Discipline (right) • Analytical – have to know script inside & out; research • Concentration (left) • Staying focused, not stopping, hyperfocused, audience laughter, comic timing Consciousness- discipline, concentration, theatrical analysis, observation, and script analysis...
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