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Rachel Carlson HDFS 429 October 18, 2006 Attachment and Parent-Child Essay Attachment is a reciprocal process by which an emotional connection develops between an infant and his/her primary caretaker. It influences the child's physical, cognitive, and psychological development. It becomes the basis for development of basic trust or mistrust, and shapes how the child will relate to the world, learn, and form relationships throughout life. Healthy attachment occurs when the infant experiences a primary caretaker as consistently providing emotional essentials such as touch, movement, eye contact and smiles, in addition to the basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. Securely attached babies consider their mom to be a safe base from which to explore their environment. They gain assurance from her presence and use her as a source of comfort when they are distressed or upset. Insecurely attached babies seek comfort from their mothers, but gain less assurance from her. Some other environmental factors that can affect the infants attachments is the number of siblings one has or how they are being treated attention wise from anyone else in the family. The infants who have a secure attachment will be better off for their well being in the future. That is because they have healthier relationships and are more likely to succeed in their goals with a high self esteem. Secure children are generally more sociable, cooperative. The infants who were raised with an insecure attachment are less
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likely to better than the others in the future. Not saying that the infants who had a secure attachment score better cognitively on tests in life but that they are more enthusiastic and more persistent in how they go about pursuing a task. The insecure attached children later in life seem to be more hiding their emotions and more anxious to get tasks done. Most insecure attachments can lead up to not trusting others in relationships and could
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ATTACHMENTS esay - Rachel Carlson HDFS 429 Attachment and...

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