Lab #7 - Polymer Cross-Linking and Viscosity by Erin...

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Polymer Cross-Linking and Viscosity by Erin Samplin Lab Instructor: Xiaoxiao Li November 6, 2007
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Purpose Devise and perform a procedure capable of determining the effect cross- linking has on polymer solution viscosity. Borate ion [B(OH) 4 - ] will be used to cross-link strands of polymer poly (vinyl alcohol). Results and Discussion 50 mL of tap water was heated on a hotplate in a 200 mL beaker. The hotplate was turned off when the water began to boil. The water was then cooled to about 90ºC. The viscosity of the water was then measured by dropping a marble into a graduated cylinder and timing how long it takes for the marble to reach the bottom. Viscosity of Pure Water Trial Height (cm) Time (seconds) Viscosity (cm/sec) 1 12.4 1.09 11.38 2 12.4 1.13 10.97 3 12.4 1.33 9.32 Mean = 11.38 cm/sec + 10.97 cm/sec + 9.32 cm/sec = 10.56 cm/sec 3 Average Deviation = |10.56 cm/sec–11.38 cm/sec| + |10.56 cm/sec–10.97 cm/sec| + |10.56 cm/sec–9.32 cm/sec| = 0.8233 cm/sec 3 Relative Average Deviation = 0.8233 cm/sec x 100 = 7.80% 10.56 cm/sec Given the relatively small average deviation and relative average deviation values, the calculated viscosity was determined to contain an adequate degree of precision. Because there is no accepted value for the viscosity of water, the percent error could not
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Lab #7 - Polymer Cross-Linking and Viscosity by Erin...

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