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101.122syllabus_000 - Joe Fletcher Office Tompkins 120...

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Joe Fletcher Office: Tompkins 120 Office Hours: T/H 1:30 — 3:30 pm, or by appointment Office Phone: 515-4133 Email: [email protected] Course Website: www4.ncsu.edu/~jafletch English 101: Academic Writing and Research Section 122 T/H 3:40 pm — 5:20 pm / Tompkins 128 and Winston 12 A 4.0 Credit-Hour Course Course Description Intensive instruction in academic writing and research. Basic principles of rhetoric and strategies for academic inquiry and argument. Instruction and practice in critical reading, including the generative and responsible use of print and electronic sources for academic research. Exploration of literate practices across a range of academic domains, laying the foundation for further writing development in college. Continued attention to grammar and conventions of standard written English. Successful completion of ENG 101 requires a grade of C- or better. This course satisfies the freshman composition and rhetoric component of the General Education Requirements in Writing and Speaking. Prerequisite: A grade of C- or better in ENG 100 or placement via English department guidelines. GER Category Objectives: Writing and Speaking Each course in the writing and speaking category of the GERs will provide instruction and guidance that help students to: 1. communicate effectively in specific writing or speaking situations, which may include various academic, professional, or civic situations; and 2. understand and respond appropriately to the critical elements that shape communication situations, such as audience, purpose, and genre; and 3. critique their own writing or speaking and provide effective and useful feedback to enable other students to improve their writing or speaking; and 4. demonstrate critical and evaluative thinking skills in locating, analyzing, synthesizing, and using information in writing or speaking activities. ENG 101 Learning Objectives In keeping with these general goals, ENG 101 is specifically designed to help students: 1. Learn basic principles of rhetoric and develop an understanding of written texts as arguments generated for particular purposes, audiences, and rhetorical contexts. 2. Examine similarities and differences in forms of inquiry and writing across academic disciplines.
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3. Practice analytical reading strategies and hone the ability to summarize, paraphrase, draw evidence from, synthesize, and respond to the scholarship of others. 4. Learn to find and evaluate print and electronic source materials appropriate for academic research projects. 5. Learn to develop original arguments for a range of academic purposes. 6. Practice critically evaluating their own and others’ work and collaborating effectively with other writers throughout the writing process. 7.
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101.122syllabus_000 - Joe Fletcher Office Tompkins 120...

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