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-1 First Midterm Essay Options 6) Singer claims that the case against extending ethical consideration to animals parallels the case made against giving rights to women. Sketch how Warren’s position on ecofeminism would agree with this view. What is Cohen’s defense of “speciesism” that attempts to break this parallel? What is your evaluation of speciesism? 7) Give a utilitarian argument in favor of public intervention to prevent environmental degradation. Give a utilitarian argument in favor of purely private action. Which argument is stronger, in your view, and why? 8) Outline the position known as deep ecology. State how this approach differs from either (a) the utilitarian view; or (b) the Kantian view. Which of the above three
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Unformatted text preview: approaches to environmental issues do you favor and why? 9) Sketch why Burke is concerned about leaders who “choose to make themselves bidders at an auction of popularity”. Would Mill agree or disagree with these concerns? Are these concerns justified in your view? Why or why not? 10) What are two reasons utilitarians can support individual liberty, according to Mill? What is your evaluation of a utilitarian defense of liberty? 11) What is Mill’s harm principle? How is it justified on utilitarian grounds? What is a potential criticism of this principle? Can the harm principle be successfully defended against such a criticism? Why or why not?...
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