RELIGION - Sociology RELIGION According to Sociology...

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11/12/07 Sociology RELIGION According to Sociology Sociological Institution -Brings regularity and structure to our lives Religion has played a major role in American History -How much (or little) is too much (or little) religion? -Separation of Church and State (unique to US) -Complicates things Religion (Sociological) -The shared and organized thinking: -Concern with meaning of life -Possible existence of the supernatural forces -Derheim Divides the world into two lives: Social Life 1.) Sacred a. b. Set Apart c. Awe Inspiring d. Rights/Rituals 2.) Profane (*trick question on final exam NOT PROFANITY* ) a. Everyday/Regular Activity b. Secular Ethnography -Research Method -Understand Simple Society Understand Complex Society -Study of Ethnic Groups in a set geographic area Theories of Origin 1.) “MANA” -At some point mankind came up with the idea that there was “good” and “evil” -Then came the idea that we could manipulate this idea (Rituals, Dances, Sacrifices) -Control Weather, Cure Disease, Bring Victory, etc. 2.)Animism (Animation) -Dreams Created the Idea of “Double Existence” -“Soul” inhabits other world -Dream World after This World After Life 3.) Naturism -“Signs” that had certain importance- sun, stars, moon, etc. -People began to focus on natural phenomenon -Began to include Animals and Plants -Created early symbolism Rituals
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11/12/07 Sociology Aspects -Symbol Personifications Sometimes the Symbol Separates from the Meaning -Literature Meaning sometimes lost to Literal Durkheim The Elementary Forms of Religious Life** SURVIVAL -Religion begins with and ends with a quest for survival MAN IS ALONE -Personal survival is all that mattered -No collective strategy for survival -Only limited social cooperation (maternal instinct mother/child) -No Culture – no guides for social conduct (INSTINCT) SOCIAL UNITS BEGIN TO FORM FOR COMMON SURVIVAL -There is a growing realization that personal survival requires cooperative behavior
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RELIGION - Sociology RELIGION According to Sociology...

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