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Study Guide Test 1 - Local vs National advertisers and...

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Supreme Court cases – Valentine Michigan Consumer Protection Act and Item Pricing Advertising during WWI Volney Palmer The definition of Advertising Advertising expands during the nineteenth century Guttenberg’s printing press Product positioning Puffery Speech vs. Commercial speech Common criticisms of advertising Subliminal advertising Stereotyping FTC FDA FCC Unfair advertising definition Deception example Comparative example Substantiation example Affirmative disclosure example Consent decree Cease and desist order Corrective advertising example NARB NAD 4 Players in the Advertising Industry Centralized and decentralized organizations Group and departmental agencies Agency individuals: Account Executive, Account Planner, Creative Director, Traffic. How agencies get paid: Commission, Mark-ups, Fee system
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Unformatted text preview: Local vs. National advertisers and their differences Agencies: full service, creative boutique, media buying In-house agencies Advertiser/Agency relationship stages Product utility Product concept Positioning example Perceptible, hidden and induced differences What is a brand? Marketing definition Marketing segmentation – 2 step process Benefit/Geographic/Demographic/Psychographic segmenting VALS What is a Target Market Marketing Mix Product Life cycle Primary demand Product Differentiation Brand equity What considerations go into determining the price of a product? Direct and indirect distribution Intensive, selective, exclusive distribution...
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Study Guide Test 1 - Local vs National advertisers and...

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