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Survey Homework - perfectly My family mostly fit into the...

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Adv. 205 Survey Homework Vals Survey Experiencer/Achiever “You are where you live” Survey Number Name 33 Big Sky Families 25 Country Casuals 5 Country Squires 23 Greenbelt Sports 28 Traditional Times 1. I think the Vals Survey kind of identified me but there are many other things that make a person up than just one category. I believe I fit into that category but I might also slightly fit into others as well. 2. The zip code description matched our town very well. I notice the different types of people that live in my town and the descriptions matched almost
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Unformatted text preview: perfectly. My family mostly fit into the country squires category. Some slight differences but the same general idea. 3. This information would be very helpful to advertisers because it breaks people down into separate groups. It also makes it very easy for an advertising company to find the audience that a company’s product is geared towards. They can easily get there ad out to the right group of people....
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