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Take Home Essay Notes Part II

Take Home Essay Notes Part II - The Universal Negro...

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The Universal Negro Improvement Association was lead by Marcus Garvey and sought to uplift and improve the black community (110). Garvey spoke at a monumental parade in which he demanded black Americans to take pride, political and civil rights (111). His speech was to be known as “The Declaration of Rights of the Negro People” (111). Black women were looking for a change. They were going to college and becoming leaders (112). The 19 th amendment was just as important as Garvey speech in black gaining rights (112). The progress of the black woman declined during the transition of women’s rights and blacks rights (113). The term New Woman arrived in the 1890’s and it meant “women’s new opportunities and roles [but] women of the 1920’s now need not to chose between a career and marriage” (114). Women were able to do other jobs besides working in the home and domestics. The term New Negros was those who did not accept Booker T. Washington’s views (114). These men were anti- agriculturalist and were willing to assimilate into the white society. However the New Negro was not accepted and there were the worst riots in United States history (115). Female reform also failed because it was hard to get a unity among women and other races (116). White women
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