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Take Home Essay 1 Notes - Who is uninsured? -"In 2003, 45...

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Who is uninsured? -“In 2003, 45 million people in this country were without health insurance” (12) -some physicians would serve the uninsured for free but that does not happen today because it would cost a lot for them to provide the services (13). -“unemployed or homeless individual make up only a small part of the uninsured” (13). -“seventy-three percent of adults between 18-64 without health insurance in 2003 worked either part time or full time during the year” (13) -low-wage workers (service sector) -small companies do not offer health insurance (13) -company does offer insurance but the worker is not eligible (13) -company does offer insurance but worker does not want to pay the share of the plan (13) -the smaller the company the more likely they are to not offer some kind of insurance (13) -Many Americans go a full year without being insured (224) -they do not receive preventative care, only care that happens when something serious happens (224) -wasn’t until the 1930’s that those uninsured became a problem (225) -Barr only counts people who are uninsured as “people in this country who were without health insurance for the entire year” (228) -people who change jobs and go without until they start their other job (228) -college students who go uninsured for when they graduate until they get a job (228) -people who are self-employed and purchase a new insurance plan go without during that gap (228) -“only 33% of the uninsured come from low-income families” (229) -“nearly half of the uninsured are from families with a household income between $25,000 and $75,000 per year” (229) -not many elderly are uninsured because of Medicare (229)
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Take Home Essay 1 Notes - Who is uninsured? -"In 2003, 45...

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