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Diane Jackson Principles of Management 3200 Professor Marc Dupont LSU-Alexandria “My Managing Philosophy?” Upon starting this course, I envision management as a strategic process of designing, organizing, and overseeing the employees of a business. And that most executives in managing positions are just leaders who represent the organization as a whole. However, I now realize that management is a most complex process within the organization itself. Management is a multilevel job from top executives down to the employees. Yet they each possess innovation, creativity, and influential skills that make up the core foundation of a business. Each having a responsibility in order to maintain company growth, philosophy and policy. Leadership: Having good leadership is the main focal point of managing. Managers focus on implementing and strategizing the best plan possible to improve the performance of the company. Good leadership development within an organization helps to build the company morale. Management need to influence and motivate their employees to perform beyond their limits. Managers also need to measure the productivity of the employees assigned to projects, developments and normal day to day business.
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