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bladerunner - from the city the lighting increases as does...

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This clip, which shows Decker on the way to and inside the Tyrell Corporation, is loaded with information about the world it portrays. What is the nature of the future world shown here, in regards to culture, ecology, social class and the use of technology? The nature of the future displayed in this clip shows the dissapearance of things such as plant life and even wild life. The owl shown in the Tyrell Corporation building is said to be artifical and extremly expensive meaning that all wild life is extinct. The only way to experience animals is through artifical design. Decker’s atire of a shirt and tie is more casual and compares to a way someone might dress in today’s world showing he is part of a middle social class. The woman in the Tyrell Corporation is dressed in a leather suite showing her higher social class. The dark sky shown is lit up only by the use of lights scattered on the buildings. The social class is shown in different aspects in this clip. The dark lighting of the city shows a more rural type of ghetto living. As you venture away
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Unformatted text preview: from the city the lighting increases as does the social class. The mosterous building of the Tyrell Corporation eluminates the sky providing a more rich suburban type of living. These types of buildings placed high above the sky prove to be a richer social class while the poorer class is stuck living closer to the ground. Once inside the Tyrell building the sun is projected in the backround showing that the buildings of the city are so enormous that it shades out the sun. However, the new types of technology are the images left in the audience’s mind after seeing this clip. The hover vehicle that Decker travels in to go to the Corporation is a prime example. The police officer also has his own headset probable for easy communitcation. The size of the building also proves an extreme advancement in technology. The artificial woman and owl are also other ways Silverman tried to potray the increaed technology....
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