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The main theme of his scene was to build tension and to stress the tension that was spread through the nations of not only America but Russia too. The Cold War was a time of threats and the American people experienced tension on a daily basis afraid of a nuclear disaster. In the movie, the bombers slowly approached Russia, as the American embassy met together to discuss what techniques should be taken to stop this attack from occurring. The information acquired in this clip is that the Russian's have a "Dooms Day" machine that will initiate an auto responsive attack back on Americans. The President along with the generals shows a bit of unease with this idea to cause tension for the audience. The audience therefore gets a feel of what the average American went through during the time of the Cold War. Some Comedic elements that were added to this clip to
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Unformatted text preview: make this scene more humorous are the use of satire and sarcasm. Sarcasm is shown in this clip when the general tells the President that the Russian is just lying about the "Dooms Day" machine and it is just an obvious Commie cover up for the attack back. He then trips and falls and gets right up to argue that they are going to "clobber us." Sarcasm is also shown when the general talk about how he wishes the American’s had a "Dooms Day" machine. Another comedic instance was when Dr. Strangelove couldn't get the cigarette out of is hand. The last and final comedic technique to make this frightening idea humorous is the irony of Dr. Strangelove's name. Of course when he roles out and begins to talk, the audience notices that he is a bit strange and it is quite ironic that he would change his name to "Strangelove."...
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