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The cross cutting between the two different clips creates many themes. As Michael stands before the Priest ready to become the Godfather of his sister’s newly born, he concurrently has hit men ordered to attack and kill all the Mob bosses of the other 5 families. The juxtaposition of the two scenes is sequenced in a way to promote these themes. As the Priest asks Michael if he rejects Satan, Michael tells him that he does and immediately after, the killing begins. This ordered series of events helps the audience to relate the men being killed as devious or satanic. The two clips being cross cut implies that these killings are an act of God or what he may believe is right because the other mobs are evil. After the killing is completed the clip shifts back to Michael in the church where the Priest then asks him if he will be baptized. Michael answers yes and the baptism symbolizes a way to wash away all his sins. Therefore after the killing is done the Priest washes the guilt felt by Michael away with the baptism. Tension is built up in
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