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This sequence describes Chaplin's intentions. He envisioned what he wanted to happen on his dinner date with the women. The scene could be described as Chaplin's "fantasy." In relation to the rest of the film it proves an important moral. This sequence shows the potential that Chaplin has to impress a woman of his "dreams" if truly given the chance. The girls knew before being invited to dinner that they wouldn't be attending and treated the whole thing as a joke. The woman Chaplin had a cruse on realized how cruel they were all being to the poor man when she saw how much effort he put into the date. At the end of the film she saw Chaplin on a boat being arrested and offered to pay his boat fair. Yet, what she didn't know was in the time since the dinner he had become a millionaire. The lesson learned was that she noticed what a kind person Chaplin was and putting his
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Unformatted text preview: wealth status aside there was a man with a true heart just like anyone else. This comedy technique used in the late movie films is called cyclical structure; where whatever problems occur always find a resolution by the end of the film. The internal dynamic of this scene was displayed to the audience when they show the amount of work that Chaplin put into the set up for the dinner. Chaplin spent days begging and working for money to pay for items to make the dinner more memorable. His effect ion for the women that he was trying to impress led him to focus on making everything perfect for the date. She didn’t realize how much work he put into the dinner until after the fact was over. This is how the dynamic was shown to the audience more formally known today as foreshadowing....
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