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response 3 - this scene was the theme of individualism...

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What populist themes are dramatized in this clip? How are these ideas conveyed visually?  Jeff Smith portrays an image of the “common person”. In this clip he admits to the fact that he isn’t meant for the Senate, but now that he has been given the chance he feels he is owed the opportunity to speak his mind. He believes he owes himself and the people of his state justice from the large political Mafia being run by James Taylor. The stated Justice in the constitution ensures the people of America their rights. America’s rights are frequently mentioned throughout the constitution that was written by Thomas Jefferson, who was an advocate of Populism . The idea of populism was formulated to contrast that of Federalism in the American Government. Populists were common people that supported a philosophy that empowered them with unalienable rights. They believed they were free to govern themselves and wanted everyone to become self-reliant. Populism also indicates the belief in the equality of all men. Another Populist theme portrayed in
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Unformatted text preview: this scene was the theme of individualism. Smith illustrated this when he stood up to the entire Senate by himself. This scene shows how Jeff Smith blatantly believes in Populism and fights for the natural equality of men. It is clear that Smith is a populist, because when offered a spot in the Senate from James Taylor he looked at him and his organization with disdain. When the corrupt organization of Taylor started to lie about Jeff Smith, putting Smith’s Senate life at risk, he argued back while noting how the problems of democracy are caused by the privilege of influence, and in this case from wanting “political power”; an argument similar to one of a Populist. It is obvious to see throughout the film that because James Taylor had money he thought he could control everything including a big business. Jeff Smith noticed the predicament in his day’s democracy and stood up for what he believed until he demolished the corrupt State Senate, along with James Taylor....
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