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The scene is dramatizing the encounter between the bandit and the samurai. The bandit expresses his story to the police and automatically the camera switches to a flashback to express this scene. In this scene the audience is immediately under the impression that the bandit is extremely intimidating. As the bandit lays restfully against the tree the samurai and his wife both examine his presence cautiously before passing him. The diegetic in this scene helps the viewer have an understanding of the characters thoughts and actions. As the samurai approaches the bandit he clutches his sword showing his distrust for this stranger. The bandit scowls at the samurai giving the viewer the impression that he is irritated that someone has entered his domain in the forest and has awaken him. As the wife passes on horseback, the bandit opens both eyes and becomes fully awake expressing the beauty he saw in the samurai’s wife. The bandit then continues to watch
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Unformatted text preview: the two travel down the pathway as he reaches for his sword. This gives the audience the impression that the bandit is plotting some sort of sabotage on the samurai to steal his wife. The extradiegetic is added to the scene to create more of an impression for the viewer. The exradiegetic is expressed though the dramatic music that implies something bad is bound to happen. Another example is the lighting shown on each character. The bright lighting shown on the samurai alludes to the fact that he is the protagonists or the good guy in this situation. The bright lighting on the women shows she is pure and innocent and accentuates her beauty. The dark lighting on the bandit explains that he is the antagonists of this scene and has an evil side to him. In reality and comparison to the rest of the film the bandit obviously lies about his flashback to make himself seem more intimidating and scary than he really is....
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