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the graduate - feelings toward this scuba idea especially...

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As the camera cuts to Ben in the scuba suite his slowly paced walk shows his hesitance to the idea of him jumping into the pool. His father rambles on about how excited he is for his son and shows his influence over him. The choice of the father’s introduction proves to the audience that he is controlling over Ben, obviously an inner conflict for Ben. Ben’s annoyed attitude shows that he disproves in the way his father is treating him. The crowd cheering in the background represents the influences in Ben’s life and how they all are so proud of who he has become. When the camera shifts again to a traveling shot of Ben’s image, it magnifies the sensation of the movement for the audience. Immediately you are focused on the heavy breathing of Ben and you notice that he is completely deaf to the outside world. The silence chosen for this clip shows that Ben is forced into the obscure idea of scuba dive for the sensation of his father and all the others. He merely has no
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Unformatted text preview: feelings toward this scuba idea especially for it being a “pretty exciting birthday present.” When Ben reaches the water he once again hesitates but pursues to enter. Once in the water he immediately tries to exit, but both his parents push him back into the water, proving to the audience that Ben is tied down but his parents. The audience gets the feeling of inescapability for Ben, which Nichols’ was known for in his films. After being forced back into the water the camera pans out as it shows Ben standing at the bottom of the pool away from all. Ben rests lonely at the bottom of the pool finally given his freedom. Yet, the slow pan out of the camera work shows another inner conflict, his depression for being alone. The self-conscious editing of the camera work call attention to the directors choices in helping the audience understand what Ben is feeling. As you watch this clip you begin to feel bad for him and hope he can find happiness in some way....
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