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What do the characters English Bob and W.W. Beauchamp tell audiences about the mythologies of the Wild West? What is this scene trying to say about such mythologies? Engilish Bob represents the type of Villian shown in most Western films. He is a very formidable well dressed and well mannered character. His rudness towards society shows his lack in hunmanity. English Bob’s character proves to the audience of the myths of the Wild West and its diverse social classes. The name “English” Bob represents many things. First it indicates his nationality and where he loyalty stands, as it is clear to the audience that he supports the Queen of England. His well dressed manner indicates a myth of the West, that pepole from England are of a higher social class. His name also represents the proper use of the English language which is shown when he corects Little Bill after pronouncing “Duke” wrong. The fact that English Bob has a biographer establishes another myth about the West that many of the stories from the West are
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