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Chapter 7.pdf - Chapter 7 Wednesday 8:16 PM When looking at...

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When looking at memory we use patterns to help us remember What is memory: storage If we didn’t have memory we wouldn’t be able to answer "What did you do earlier to today?" How do we store things? When looking at memory there is a traditional 3 stage process: Three storage boxes for memory Sensory memory Something that is held in your memory for a very/extremely short, almost f § Short term memory Short term memory and working memory are the same thing Ability to hold small amounts of information to kind of work with at the tim Only holds in your memory for 30-45 seconds But it is very important because ADHD people have very small working mem Once we have rehearsed and rehearsed we move to the third box, long term § Long term memory With rehearsal, memories become long term memory from previous short When things finally make it here that provides permeant storage for that in Cramming does not store long term memory § Why we forget memory: Chapter 7 Wednesday, February 28, 2018 8:16 PM
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" fleeting period of time me mories (5-15 seconds) m memory term memory nformation
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