2nd id terms - John Conrad History ID Terms Chapters 21-30...

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1John Conrad History ID Terms Chapters 21-30 Hist 002- Sec 5 1) Chapter 21 a) Napoleon Spanish Campaign b) Germaine de Stael: 1766-1817; This intellectual women openly opposed Napoleon regime; referred to by Napoleon as machine in motion who stirs up the salons wrote many pieces ( Corinne, On Germany ) that were banned in France c) The Decembrist Revolt in Russia: 1825; On the day that Russian troops gathered in St. Petersburg to take an oath to Alexander brother, Nicholas, after his sudden death, rebel officers in favor of constitutional reform chanted for Alexander other brother, Constantine (who had already refused the crown), in hope that he would take the crown and help install their ideals. The rebellion was quickly crushed, but the subsequent trial made the rebels into legendary heroes. d) Charles X: reigned 1824-1830; Louis XVIII younger brother/successor, extremely disliked for his obvious favor towards the upper class (Law of Indemnity), establishment of strict censorship, removal of wealthy/power voters, dissolving the legislature; went in Exile in England, crown was passed on to his cousin Louis-Philippe, duke or Orleons 2) Chapter 22 a) The Communist Manifesto - 1848; book written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles that embraced communism and industrialization, believing industrialization would bring about the proletarian revolution and inevitably lead to he abolition of exploitation, private property, and class society b) The June Days in Paris : 1848, beginning June 23, referring to the following weeks, in which tens of thousands of French workers took to the streets as a reaction against the governments call to close workshops off to any new
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2nd id terms - John Conrad History ID Terms Chapters 21-30...

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