Lab Report - Introduction Chlamydomonas is a single-celled...

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Introduction: Chlamydomonas is a single-celled organism, which has two flagella’s also know as being biflagellated (Hartzell, 1994). Chlamydomonas is also a eukaryotic haploid that is easy to reproduce in a laboratory (Heidemann, 2007). Chlamydomonas use their flagella to move and also for mating. When there is a sudden decrease in pH as long as there is calcium present the chlamydomonas will loose their flagella and when the pH is returned to normal they rapidly grow them back again as long as calcium is available (Quarmby, 1996). There have been many studies on chlamydomonas’s flagella and cell signaling. It is know that their flagella signal to the cell when the pH drops and that is what causes the chlamydomonas to loose its flagella (Quarmby, 1996). The study of the cell signaling is helping scientist to understand the process of cell signaling in human cells (Quarmby, 1996). This will also allow us to look at how one element like calcium can have an affect on a single cell (Quarmby, 1996). In order to see how mutants and deformed genes are produced this information allows us to alter the single cell to see what affects it has on the chlamydomonas life. This will allow us to possible find ways to stop a mutant cell from reproducing about it allows the organism to live peacefully in nature. In humans we have many cells doing the same thing and if there is one cell that is defective, this research will perhaps help find away to stop it from mutating and allow the normal cells to continue working. If calcium is not present in the cell of chlamydomonas, then cell signaling stops and the
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Lab Report - Introduction Chlamydomonas is a single-celled...

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