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10/5 People’s thoughts, behaviors and emotions are affected by the people surrounding them to some extent Attitudes change because of persuasion - CENTRAL route to persuasion: Understand the information and ARGUMENT then evaluate attitude on subject - PERIPHERAL route to persuasion: Not evaluating the information as much BUT is persuaded by looks, charisma or level of authority - People often persuade themselves Cognitive dissonance: Discomfort from believing in something but not following through with it OR having 2 conflicting attitudes and behaviors - People are motivated to remove this discomfort by CHANGING their attitude to match with their behavior (or vice versa) - Coming up with an EXCUSE to cope with dissonance - JUSTIFYING one’s behavior or attitude with an explanation Bem’s self-perception theory: We figure out our own attitudes by observing our own behaviors - Foot in the door technique: Ask someone to do a small favor for you, they agree, ask them to do a bigger favor and they will most likely agree - More likely to do the bigger favor because they feel like they are a better person Presence of other people affects others - Physiological arousal can either be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE - Social facilitation: Do better on easy tasks when others are around - Ex: A skilled driver can drive better with people in the car vs. alone
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