Progressive - F. Present Progressive & Present...

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Unformatted text preview: F. Present Progressive & Present Participle & Past Progressive-Present Participle-ar-er/ir Irregular 1. iendo yendo Traer Creer Ir Leer Stem Changing 1. Some stem changing er/-ir verbs have the same stem changes in the present participle as in the present Decir Divertir Dormir Mentir Pedir Poder Sentir Venir-Present Progressive * is formed with the present tense of estar + present participle * Estoy Estas Esta Estamos Estan Uses: 1. The present progressive is used to stress than an action is in progress or is taking place at a particular moment in time a. Estn demostrando mucho inters en las religiones del mundo. (They are showing a lot of interest in the religions of the World.) b. Estoy leyendo mis apuntes. (I am reading my notes.) c. Estan viviendo solitos en Mexico. (They are living all alone in Mexico) 2. Certain verbs of motion are sometimes used as substitutes for estar in order to give the progressive a...
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Progressive - F. Present Progressive & Present...

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