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congress - Term Definition enumerated powers powes of the...

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Term: enumerated powers Definition: powes of the federal government specifically mentioned in the constitution Term: elastic clause Definition: article 1 section 8, gives congress the authority to make whatever laws are necessary and proper to carry out its enumerated powers Term: delegate Definition: an elected representative who acts in perfect accord with the wishes of his or her consitutents Term: trustee Definition: an elected representative who believes that his or her own best judement, rather than insturctions from constituents should be used in making legislative decisions
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Term: descriptive representatiion Definition: the degree to which the composition of a representative body, reflects the demographic composition of the population as a whole Term: reapportionment Definition: the reallocation of house seats among the states, done after each national census, to ensure that seats are held by the states in proportion to the size of their populations Term: redistricting Definition: the redrawing of congressional district lines within a state to ensure roughly equal populations within each district Term: partisan Definition: a committed member of party; seeing issues from the point of view of the interests of a single party Term: gerrymandering
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