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tobacco use

tobacco use - Term Definition nicotine poisoning symptoms...

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Term: nicotine poisoning Definition: symptoms often experienced by beginning smokers, including dizziness, diarrhear, light headeness, rapid and erratic pulise, clammy skin, nausea, and vomitting Term: nicotine Definition: the primary stiumulant chemical in tobacco products ; highly addictive Term: tar Definition: a thick browinish substance condensed from particulate matter in smoked tobacco Term: carbon monoxide Definition: a gas found in cigarette smoke that binds at oxygen receptor sites in the blood Term: bidis Definition: hand rolled flavored cigarettes
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Term: chewing tobacco Definition: a stringy type of tobacco that is placed in the mouth and then sucked or chewed Term: dipping Definition: placing a small amount of chewing tobacco between the front tip and teeth for rapid nicotine absorption Term: snuff Definition: a powered form of tobacco that is snifed or absorbed through the mucuous membranes in the nose or placed inside the cheek and sucked Term: leukoplakia
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