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Principles of PR Quiz 3

Principles of PR Quiz 3 - Term Definition Proactive you...

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Term: Proactive Definition: you initiate something Term: Reactive Definition: you react to something Term: PR Agencie is: Definition: a group of public relations professionals who serve clients with public relations counsel and services for monetary compensation Term: Pr firms can be___,___,___, or __ in scope Definition: local, regional, national, or global Term: Specific Publics that PR firm may specialize in Definition: consumers, business to business, government, ethnic groups,
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Term: Ways in which PR firms are compensated in same way as law firm Definition: hourly rates, monthly retainers, reimbursed for expenses, may have annual contract Term: At what level do you enter the executive rank in PR firm? Definition: senior VP/ account supervisor Term: Components of an hourly rate Definition: salary, benefits, overhead, profit, and unbillable marketing expenses Term: Highest Compensation by specialization and in order Definition: Investor relations, reputation management,crisis management Term: Why are most people afraid to give speeches?
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