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AP2- Endocrine System

AP2- Endocrine System - Term Definition What are the...

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Term: What are the hormones produced by the Anterior Pituitary? Definition: HGH - Somatotrophs TSH - Thyrotrophs ACTH - Cotictrophs MSH - Corticotrophs FSH & LH - Gonadotrophs PRL - Lactrotrophs Term: Where does the anterior hypophyseal vein empty into? Definition: Blood passes from the brain to the heart and then balance of the body Term: What regulates the anterior pituitary hormones? Definition: Hormones from the hypothalamus via the primary plexus Term: What is the main hormone of the Anterior Pituitary and what are all it's names? Definition: hGH - Human Growth Hormone - Somatotropin
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Term: What are some unusual facts about HGH? Definition: Similar structure to prolactin and human placental lactogen Peptide hormone precursor - pre-pro-GH -> pro-GH -> GH Term: Factors for increased production of hGH Definition: GHRH, NREM sleep Malnutrition/fasting/Stress/exercise Dec glucose & FA Inc. AA in blood diabetes/cirrhosis other hormones eg. cortisol, insulin, oestrogen, progesterone Term: What hormones regulate hGH production? Definition: GHRH and GHIH Term: Factors that decrease hGH secretion
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