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Persuasive speech

Persuasive speech - Term Definition This room is full of...

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Term: This room is full of highly... But Definition: 90% of humanity accepts without doubt Term: Why does it matter you ask? Many are willing to die / kill Definition: See you all in hell, class! Term: Born into orthodox family Definition: I've also loved science and that's what I studies at undergrad. Term: Reading a science book one afternoon, one striking fact hit me - that religion is nothing but an intermediate step in the evolution of our understanding of the world around us. Definition: Lightning, Zeus, Water cycle, 3 billion years Term: non-standardized, unscientific work-in-process step Definition: puzzled observers to knowledgeable participants
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Term: freedom, right to choose beliefs? Definition: Responsibility. But religion has a dismal record. Term: Conflict: Not economic / social reasons. Definition:
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