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Bentleys periodic table test

Bentleys periodic table test - Term Definition Who...

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Term: Who organized the periodic table by atomic mass? Definition: Mendeleev Term: Who organize the elements in Mendeleev periodic table by atomic number? Definition: Mosley Term: You must approve new elements added to the periodic table? Definition: And international committee of scientists. Term: List the four pieces of information given for each element on the periodic table. Definition: Atomic number, atomic mass, symbol of the element, and name of ailment. Term: What is the atomic number? Definition: The number of protons and usually the number of electrons in a stable Adam.
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Term: What is atomic mass. Definition: Measured in atomic mass units or amu , this is the number of protons and neutrons combined Term: Describe the arrangement of the periodic table. Definition: On the left are the metals. In the zigzag are the metalloids. On the right are the nonmetals.
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