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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Term Definition Industry Versus Inferiority A...

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Term: Industry Versus Inferiority Definition: A stage of psychosocial develop in Erikson's theory occurring in middle childhood, mastery of tasks lead to a sense of industry, whereas failure of inferiority. Term: Social Cognition Definition: Development of children's understanding of the relationship between the self and other. Term: Learned Helpessness Definition: An acquired (hence learned) belief that one is unable to control one's environment. Term: Coregulation Definition: A gradual transferring of control from parent to child, beginning in middle childhood.
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Term: Transsexual Definition: A person who could prefer to be a person of the other gender and who may undergo hormones treatments, cosmetic surgery, or both to achieve the appearance of being a member of the other gender. Term: Pygmalion Effect Definition: A positive self-fulfilling prophecy in which an individual comes to display improved performance because of the positive expectation of the people whom he or she interacts.
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