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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Term Definition autocratic leader a leader who...

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Term: autocratic leader Definition: a leader who uses power and authority to strictly control the direction and outcome of group work Term: charismatic power Definition: a type of personal power that relies on a leader's character, competence, and vitality Term: coercive power Definition: the ability or authority to pressure or punish group members if they do not follow orders and directions Term: contingency model of leadership effectiveness Definition: a leadership theory claiming that effective leadership depends upon an ideal match between the leader's style and the group's work situation Term: democratic leader Definition: a leader who practices social equality and shares the decision making process with group members
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Term: designated leader Definition: a leader selected by a group or an outside authority Term: emergent leader Definition: a person who gradually achieves leadership status by interacting with group members and contributing to the achievement of the group's common goal Term:
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