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ABA Lists

ABA Lists - Term Definition 7 Dimensions of ABA Applied...

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Term: 7 Dimensions of ABA Definition: Applied Behavioral Analytic Technological Conceptually Systematic Effective Generality Term: Scientific levels of understanding Definition: description prediction control Term: 4 domains of behavioral analysis Definition: Behaviorism EAB ABA Practice guided by Behavior Analysis Term: Measurable dimensions of behavior Definition: Repeatability Temporal extent Temporal locus Term: Behavioral measures Definition: Count Frequency Duration Latency IRT Percentage Trials to Criterion Topography Magnitude
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Term: Time sampling measures Definition: Whole interval Partial interval Momentary (at precise time) PLACHECK Term: 3 methods of Preference assessment Definition: 1. Asking person or significant other 2. Observing person 3. Measuring person's response to trial-based tests Term: 3 methods of Reinforcer assessment Definition: Concurrent schedule Multiple schedule Progressive ration schedule
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