ESSAY 2 - Joan Cardenas Essay 2 She-Devil in All Its Glory...

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Joan Cardenas Essay 2 She-Devil in All Its Glory There are various definitions of the word evil and she-devil. The American Oxford Dictionary program on a common laptop defines evil as “profoundly immoral and malevolent” and she-devil as “a malicious or spiteful woman” ( American Oxford Dictionary) . In Fay Weldon’s novel, The Life and Loves of a She-Devil , a displaced and emotionally abused housewife named Ruth Patchett seeks and achieves vengeance against her husband and his mistress, Bobbo and Mary Fisher. When Ruth and Bobbo were still living in the same house, Bobbo calls Ruth a “she-devil.” He says to her, You have upset my parents, you have upset your children, and you have upset me. Even the animals were affected. I see you at last as you really are. You are a thurd-rate person. You are a bad mother, a wourse wife, and a dreadful cook. In fact I don’t think you are a woman at all. I think that what you are is a she-devil. (Weldon, 47) It is at this point where Ruth indulges herself into this role of the “she-devil”. Ruth completely becomes evil and vindictive through her motivations of her actions which are aimed to make the lives of Mary Fisher and Bobbo a living hell by abandoning the kids into the new life of Bobbo and Mary Fisher, opening an agency to embezzle Bobbo’s wealth, and sleeping with various men, such as Judge Bissop during a crucial case concerning Bobbo’s prison sentence. After Bobbo leaves Ruth to go live with Mary Fisher, Ruth decides to burn the
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ESSAY 2 - Joan Cardenas Essay 2 She-Devil in All Its Glory...

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