ESSAY 3 - Joan Cardenas Essay 3 The Laws And The House of...

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Essay 3 The Laws And The House of Pain: Fantasy And Reality Throughout society, there are rules and regulations that individuals must live and/ or act by. If one of these rules is broken, then there are consequences to be faced. In H.G. Well’s novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau , Dr. Moreau practices vivisection on various animals in an attempt to speed up the evolution from animal to man. He establishes “laws” for his creations to follow in order to control their behavior and if one of these “laws” is broken the individual is sent to the House of Pain for the consequences. The Laws and House of Pain in this novel parallel social institutions like schools and society’s governmental justice system. Unlike the Beast Folk, men and women do not need rules to contain a human’s basic instincts. Instead, humans are taught how to do certain actions without the enforcement of rules. They are taught to walk on two legs instead of using their arms and legs to move from one part of a room to another and are taught how to drink from cups. These skills are taught at a young age. Humans do not have the risk of forgetting how to perform such a basic skill as this. Also, humans do not normally climb trees. It is not a necessity. Instead, some people climb for sport or fun. In general, human beings are able to control their impulses and desires without rules but with the morals that they learn throughout life. The Beast People, however, need rules and regulations in order to suppress their basic animalistic skills and to adopt and conform to human-like characteristics, such as walking on two legs and not hunting other humans. Dr. Moreau establishes laws in order to control his creations’ behavior. The Beast
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ESSAY 3 - Joan Cardenas Essay 3 The Laws And The House of...

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